My Adverse Childhood Experiences score is 4.

  1. +1 (insult, putting down);
  2. +1 (hit with a belt, multiple times);
  3. 0 (no molestation);
  4. +1  (no love);
  5. 0 (sufficient material care);
  6. +1 (parents separated and divorced);
  7. 0 (no abuse of mother);
  8. 0 (no alcohol or drugs);
  9. 0 (no depressed parent);
  10. 0 (no prison).

(Adverse Childhood Experiences)

Quantifying life can bring scary results. I am lucky I am not addicted to substances, or worse: more about this study and Google scholar articles for ACE score.

Compared to an ACE score of 0, having 4 adverse childhood experiences was associated with a 7-fold (700%) increase in alcoholism, and a 400% increase in emphysema (breathlessness); the likelihood of chronic pulmonary lung disease increases 390%; hepatitis, 240%; depression 460%; suicide, 1,220%.

And my parents were upper-middle class equivalent, college-educated people with good jobs, health care, high societal status, general respect, and many friends.


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