Fruitarian diet consists primarily of fruits and seeds in the botanical sense.


  • Foundation: edible botanical fruits - preferably fresh;
  • Extension: edible botanical seeds - raw, soaked, cooked;
  • Addition: flowers, leaves, tubers - gathered without killing the plants;
  • Further possible additions: seaweed, mushrooms;
  • In some variations of fruitarianism: other ethically sourced additions. 

Examples of fruitarian meals

  • a whole melon, followed by a bunch of apricots after a while;
  • several large pieces of sweet fruits and a handful of nuts a bit later;
  • a savory fruit salad with tomatoes, cucumbers, zucchini, flax seeds or avocado, and herbs and spices;
  • tomato-quinoa salad with avocado and arugula;
  • a big bowl of fresh or unfrozen green peas or garbanzo beans.
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