The first 7 defining words (nouns) I would choose for myself should probably be:

  1. Artist - an abstract fine art painter and portraitist, enchanted by photography and videography. I always knew I will paint, but it took a couple of life-threatening events to make me drop almost everything else and dare to dive into the madness of purposeless creation. I am obsessed with composition and color, have always been.
  2. Fruitarian - long-term, since 18, which suggests a lot about my lifestyle: predominantly fresh fruit and seeds based vegan diet, environmentally-friendly attitude, avoiding buying too much, etc. I ran large ethical online communities, and still minimally maintain the reorganized Fruitarian's Network. Recently I got a chance to start a small orchard, which still requires some foundational work. Before, I supported wild life protection and paid other people to plant thousands of trees. Now, I have propagated and planted many perennial plants myself. I donate to animal rescue causes and to independent media that educate people about legal changes they can support to make the Earth more life-friendly on a global scale.
  3. Humanist - who can criticize the hell out of the current humanist manifesto :) I am a secular person with a deity-independent moral code. At 18, I was baptized Orthodox Christian in a long ceremony in an old monastery upon a kind request of my grandmother. Still, I am a life-long non-theist: agnostic in regard to knowledge and atheist in regard to belief - science and character based. I am simply unwilling to be mentally subordinate. I will protect everyone's rights to believe in anything they want though - for the sake of freedom of mind. What do I believe?
  4. Polyglot - as a multilingual person, I spoke several languages, and this experience made my thinking more independent from grammatical and cultural conditioning, I believe. Now, I am acceptably fluent only in three natural languages I acquired in this order: my second native Russian (Русский), German (Deutsch), and English. I fully understand but speak slower in Ukrainian (Українська), my first native. And I have almost entirely forgotten Spanish (Español), in which I was fluent in late childhood while living in Latin America. The need to set my mind free by verbal expression made me a poet at 13, and I used this tool in each language I knew sufficiently.
  5. Web Developer - I love internet. I was happy with server programming for several years, regarding it as an art without emotions. I still enjoy it now and then. I like its clear logical structures, immediate results, and the practical application of math. I am painfully aware of the lost of freedom, monopolization, and prevalence of misinformation and junk content on our networks. I try to do my part in fixing it.
  6. Investor - I started to invest risky and early, as a university student, with currencies and commodities, and later transitioned into mid-term stock trading followed by index funds (ETFs). My degree is in economics, and this is how I used it. Risk-taking gives me thrills, and I need to guard myself from passionate moves. I dislike being in debt though, so I managed to never have any serious liabilities. I believe that financial fluency and access to markets and capital-building instruments are essential rights in a modern society.
  7. Female - I am a serially monogamous heterosexual woman, who seeks the depth of intellectual and erotic connection with one man at a time. I am rarely physically attracted to anyone, and seldom meet people with whom I see a potential to experience what I want. Nonetheless, mutual love is not only my "drug" of choice: I prioritized it in life decision making. Friendship is of almost the same importance to me, but the gender plays no role. I am not family-oriented. My eroticism is directly connected to person's mind. I never dated casually. Now I am surprisingly happily married, to a guy who also was and stays my friend for years, we laugh a lot.

Defining myself with several words.
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