Society & Culture

Cultural and societal topics.

Society, Economy, Politics

Society - a group of individuals involved in persistent social interaction, or a large social group sharing the same geographical or social territory.

Economics - a social science of production, distribution and consumption of goods and services.

Politics - the art or science of government, governance, power, leadership, competing interests.

Culture, Arts, Literature

Culture - social behavior and norms in human societies, anthropology.

Art - expression or application of human creative skill and imagination, producing works to be appreciated primarily for their beauty or emotional power.

Literature - writings that have artistic or intellectual value, fiction or nonfiction, poetry and prose: novels, stories, drama of all genres, also speech and oral literature, and other non-written verbal art forms.

Title Created Date
Powers of the U.S. President May 2023
Federal Bureaucrats May 2023
Native Americans in WWI March 2023
Progressive Era February 2023
State of Nature and Social Contract February 2023
Los Angeles Museum Trip February 2023
Reverse Appreciation February 2023
Elizaveta Gyrdymova Monetochka - Burn November 2022
Help Your Child of Divorce October 2022
Sex Differences in Aggression and Empathy October 2022
Furtuna 2014 - Male Agression September 2022
2007 - Brain Chemicals Involved In Aggression September 2022
Evolution by Natural, Kin, and Sexual Selection September 2022
Environment of Evolutionary Adaptation September 2022
Faculty Exhibition Visit September 2022
Leonard 2003 - Food for Thought September 2022
Wong 2014 - Rise of the Human Predator September 2022
Hrdy 2009 - Meet the Alloparents September 2022
Teen Field September 2022
Terror Territories September 2022
War Spin September 2022
Disinformation Defense April 2022
Ukrainian People of Zaporizhzhia March 2022
Masks of Irony February 2022
Threat as Destruction February 2022
Plein-Air Watercolor February 2022
Business Mentor February 2022
Gregory Bateson - Environment January 2022
Videos in English and German January 2022
Videos in Ukrainian & Russian January 2022
Edward Gibbon - Empires January 2022
Ukrainian Terror Famine December 2021
Word Systemic in German, Ukrainian, and Russian December 2021
Concise History of Ukraine November 2021
Concise History of Germany November 2021
Mikhail Lermontov - Russia October 2021
Mark Twain - Lie September 2021
Joseph Brodsky - Foes August 2021
Afghanistan Boys August 2021
Ray Bradbury - Gardener August 2021
Sei Shonagon - Lover July 2021
Aldous Huxley - Travel June 2021
Edgar Degas - See June 2021
Live Belarus May 2021
Victor Pelevin - Slaves December 2020
People I Follow on Twitter September 2019 September 2019
Drawing Excercise March 2019
Missed Rothko Play in the Local Theather July 2018
Creative Commons License - Email to my Filmmaking Group July 2018
Radio Plays January 2018

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