Once in their childhood, my mom had badly beaten an older boy for hurting her kid brother.

Four months after I was born, my maternal uncle was killed in the army, where he was made to serve as an electrician, under undisclosed circumstances. He was 18 or 19, and I never met him. My grandma's long dark hair turned almost white then.

maternal uncle military lenanechet by Lena NechetHe looked gorgeous on photographs, and I was told he was a kind soul.

I had his antique post-stamp collection.

I could not stand Soviet military because of him. I actually hated war movies because of the devastation armed forces caused in my grand-mother's life, and partially mine. I forced myself to watch the best films on WWII to stud cinema.

I wish this man were in my life. Alex, I think we would understand each other. Hell, you are the only other one in the family who stayed blond in your teens!

When I draw profiles, I often think about your sketches on and in that notebook I found in your room, where I spent some of the happiest months of my childhood.

My uncle was killed in the military.


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