My father's mother and father married against the will of my granddad's wealthy family. They never received any support or recognition from them, but lived a long life together.

On this photograph they are with their first child, my father.

Just before they got married, my grandfather came back from war against Nazis, after serving on Katyusha multiple rocket launchers, alive and with all limbs.

They built their house with their own hands from clay, and had planted a big garden, a beautiful orchard, and even had a big potato field. They made sure all their three children earn university degrees - and become a physicist (my father), a medical doctor (my uncle), and an engineer (my aunt).

My grandparents lived in Huliaipole (Гуляйполе), a historical center of the anarchy (Free Territory).

They both died in one year: my grandfather died within a few month after his wife, in seemingly good health.

About my paternal grandparents.


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