Instructed life figure drawing workshop in Oceanside, California, with Lena Nechet. In this class, we will draw nude and dressed art models, make anatomical studies, analyze the human body for gesture sketches, and create academic-style drawings in a variety of approaches, using dry media.

In January 2024, the sessions will start at Studio ACE.

Figurative Art Drawing


We will work with life art models and we need to express our respect for their hard work.

Please, no devices with cameras within reach, all sounds off.


During the time models rest, we will discuss everything related to the artistic representation of the human figure. We will systematically go over the best approaches to figure drawing, human anatomy useful for artists, proportions, techniques, and composition. Sessions will include demonstrations, personal time with the instructor, group presentations, and art critique sessions.


Bring hard dry media and art grounds, portable water media sets can be useful on special paper.

Please, no soft pastels or oils to keep the air clean.

Recommended Drawing Sets

To start, the minimal set of supply I recommend would be:

  1. white drawing paper over 20 inches;
  2. a graphite pencil, 2B. 
  3. white eraser;
  4. a thin wine charcoal (optional).

Advanced set that would be suitable for work with light and shadow on mid-tone:

  1. brown-toned acid-free drawing paper 20"+;
  2. willow charcoal or compressed charcoal sticks;
  3. white hard pastel stick;
  4. burnt sienna hard pastel stick, or sanguine (any brown skin tone variation);
  5. white and kneaded erasers.

Art Supply Lists

Suggested art materials for this session from a reputable online shop, carefully selected by value:

Please use the titles of the recommended items to find them in other stores or pick something similar from what you have.

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  • Title: Figurative Art Workshop
  • Description: Life Figure Drawing with Lena Nechet
  • Properties: formal, recurrent
  • Goals: communication, learning, practice, creation, evaluation
  • Name: with Lena Nechet
  • What: Figurative art is a form of modern art that retains strong references to the human figure with various levels of abstraction.
  • Who: artists, models
  • Why: The human body is one of the most challenging art objects, and raising its depiction to the level of fine art is a great joy.
  • Reference Code: LN24FA


Lena Nechet, artist - Fine art, media productions, language.
San Diego, California , USA, 323-686-1771

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