In this fine art session series, we will experiment with media combinations and techniques, express our unique temperaments, generate ideas for future creation and other areas of life, and gain freedom and relaxation in a structured setting. We will concentrate on composition and innovation. The prompts, art material combination, and approaches will be new for each meeting. High-quality art supplies will be provided and you can bring your own.

Workshop Sessions Plan

For each session, we will have a unique prompt, a surprising combination of art tools or materials to experiment with a variety of techniques they offer, and the workflow will be defined by that.

  1. The first meeting will be about temperament and freedom, graphite variety, hematite as watercolor on cotton, line quality, and expressive composition.


The themes for artistic expression in each session give us a united mood for exploration of ourselves and the world. The verbal hints should give us only the initial vector of thought to sparkle the creation of a unique piece for each. They will add relatable stories to the discussion and let us get to know each other better.

For example, the prompt for the first meeting is "Temperament and Freedom" which should inspire us to explore the innate qualities of our personality and the astounding range of possibilities found among motivating physical and social limitations.


Despite the novelty of the subjects and tools, the workshops will have repeating segments: introduction, goals, technique demonstration, questions and answers, individual work, personal consultations, pause for free interaction, group discussion, presentation and evaluation, and summary of knowledge.


We will follow the principle of minimum palette to explore each medium combination and color to the fullest. How quality art materials will correspond with the technique and the prompt and will be provided for the duration of each class. You are welcome to bring your favorite art materials to share with and demonstrate to the group.

Art Materials List

Suggested art materials for this session from a reputable online shop, carefully selected by value:

Please use the titles of the recommended items to find them in other stores or pick something similar from what you have.


This art session will take place in Studio ACE.

See you there!


A fine art session series based on experimentation and self-expression.Mixed Media Mind, Fine Art, Art Experimentation, Media Combinations, Art Techniques, Artistic Expressiveness, Idea Generation, Artistic Freedom, Art Stress Relieve, Lena Nechet, Oceanside California
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  • Title: Mixed Media Mind Workshop with Lena Nechet
  • Description: A fine art workshop series based on self-expression and experimentation with provided high-quality art materials.
  • Properties: formal, recurrent
  • Goals: fun, communication, practice, creation, evaluation
  • How: We will get together in a studio to create artwork.
  • What: We will make paintings on sturdy paper with carefully chosen lightfast materials to bind or frame the sheets later.
  • Why: We want to explore ourselves, relieve stress, create beautiful things, systematize our skills, experience aesthetic pleasure together, and talk about our artwork.
  • Place: Oceanside, California
  • Setup: inside
  • No Need to Bring: one-time use plastic items, messy materials like soft pastel, materials with strong odor like oils
  • Reference Code: LN24MM


Lena Nechet, artist - Fine art, media productions, language.
San Diego, California , USA, 323-686-1771

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