We are planning an informal event to share creative processes in various fields of knowledge and creation, especially the ways of developing new ideas, realizing them, and all the intricacies of manipulating mater and information in new ways. We are going to start in a circle of friends and will invite people who are interesting and interested. The idea is to get together for a few hours, present projects, creations, or performances to each other, and to discuss them in depth.


I always wanted to participate in an interdisciplinary exchange discussion, but most of them seem to happen in academia, often with insufficient engagement, and are limited to a couple of professions in one or two fields. I know that ideas and innovative methods can be developed in all spheres, so I would like to bring together passionate people who do very different things. It is definitely not only for "creatives" by profession!

What should be the requirements for participation? Here is what I think:

  • Participants should consider their ideas and results seriously and had invested some effort in them.
  • They should be willing to share details about their work, with difficulties and joys it brings, and be ready for unusual questions or constructive criticism.
  • A short presentation can be possible in simple settings with help of visualization or demonstration.

I suggest limiting presentations to 3-5 minutes, then have a round of questions, comments, and pieces of advice, to all of which the presenter responds with analysis of the usability of the suggestions and ways of their possible implementation.


Lena Nechet, artist - Fine art, media productions, language.
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