Ln19c30tm1 Turned Male Lena Nechet

This is multiplied by seven portrait of one aging man. It had originated from several sessions of life drawing of a nude male model. Many thanks to Mark for posing.

This composition symbolizes the phase in life after a mid-life crisis, when the reduction of hormones neither change nor quiet the man's mind. 

This guy is brought out of balance by a new erotic attraction, almost to the point of the subject's world turning upside-down, because his body is not in tune with his desire. His new ways of thinking and the found serenity seem disconnected and easily flipped.

Lena Nechet - Turned Male, 2019, acrylic on paper, 30 x 22 in
Mark, Collage, Torn Synthesis
Title: Turned Male, Diminishing Masculinity
Reference Code: LN19C30TM1
Materials: acrylic on paper
Dimensions: 30 x 22 in
Series: Torn Synthesis
Digitized: June 2019
Collection: Eromind
Set: single panel


Lena Nechet, artist - Fine art, media productions, language.
San Diego, California , USA ,
Art@LenaNechet.com 323-686-1771

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