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Occasional informal reports and random anecdotes.

Anecdotes - brief accounts of an incident, stories with a point to communicate an abstract idea about a person, place, or thing through the concrete details of a short narrative.

23 Artgroup Yoshimihayashi

This is my short report about last weekend's trip through the museums of LA.
In the photo, I am #6 from the left.

Los Angeles art trip.
LA, Los Angeles, MOCA, Art Museum of Jurassic Technology, Bergamot Station Arts Center, MOCA Grand, The Last Bookstore, Hauser and Wirth

Today evening I learned that a very dear person to me is going to die very soon, and then that my long-term friend has a newborn in her life. All within an hour: a horrid loss and a new precious life.

20220916 190225 Lena Nechet

Friday night I was at a gallery in Oceanside for the reception of the exhibit opening. Had a good talks with the exhibiting professors.

Reception at the gallery.
22 5 20 Exhibition Install Lena Nechet

Today, on May 20, seven of us, including the five participating artists, installed our works in the gallery for the opening on Monday and the reception on Tuesday, May 24.

On May 24, I will have a group exhibition in a local art gallery, with four artist colleagues.

I wish more people new about Ellen, about her graciousness and wisdom.

22 Art For Ukraine Lena Nechet

Today, I am donating original paintings for an auction in Laguna Beach gallery - 100% to humanitarian help for Ukraine.

22 art for ukraine framed lena nechet

I am donating original paintings for an auction in Laguna Beach gallery - 100% to humanitarian help for Ukraine.
22 Ukraine Enerhodar

According to the local municipal leader Dmitro Orlov, people of Enerhodar, a city in north-west part of Zaporizhzhia Oblast in Ukraine, flooded the street with Ukrainian flag, unarmed, to not let the enemy military into their city.

I want to show my deep appreciation to every person who expressed their feelings for Ukrainians to me personally, and to all people who pay enough attention to understand what is happening.

The night that started on February 23 here in California, was the second worse in my life. For so many it is so much more terrible. I am still in this night.

Будь ласка, залишитися всі в живих.

Please, stay alive everyone.

22 Leo Ranch Lena Nechet

I spent this day in Leo Carrillo Ranch historic park in Carlsbad, a 27-acre canyon area with tall trees and old buildings. Shuang Li presented her style of “En Plein Air” in the morning, and we had art critique in the afternoon.


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