Video - recorded motion graphics, typically with sound:

Videos, movies - are series of still images which, when shown on a screen, creates the illusion of moving images due to the phi phenomenon.

  1. Videography - capturing events, shows, video-portraiture.
  2. Films (long, short, ultrashort):
    1. Feature films: full-length motion pictures with a running time over 40 minutes, often over 80 - I plan to make one.
    2. Short film - I made several short documentaries.
    3. Ultra-short films (ultrashorts) are shorter than one minute - under 1 min. duration, 1-60 seconds.

Movies I make not often include fiction.

Fiction - fictional or fictionalized narratives or stories, reports of connected imaginary events, presented in sequences of words or images, for wish-fulfillment, or expression, or recounting of past events.

Title Created Date
Google Meet January 2024
Elizaveta Gyrdymova Monetochka - Burn November 2022
Quiet Orchard April 2022
Videos in English and German January 2022
Videos in Ukrainian & Russian January 2022
Behavioral Biology and Monotheism June 2021
Good Videorecords 2021 May 2021
Good Videorecords 2018 - 2020 December 2020
Vlog Playlist November 2020
Videography November 2019
First Flying Lesson by Surprise April 2019
My Favorite Music Videos February 2019
Coronado Speedskating April 2016
5 Haiku May 2015
Zoom February 2018
My Music in 2010s December 2017
My Music in 2020s December 2017
Complex Fruitarian Salad with Spices and Herbs January 2017
Interview: Matt - jAe Costly January 2017
8K Walk / Run - Easing into the Morning Running January 2017
8K Run + Unusual Vegan Fruitarian Salads January 2017
18K Walk-Run to Newport Beach, Huntington Beach Restaurant, Berries for Lunch January 2017
84K in December (10K Run) December 2016
10K Walk / Run + Jump + Exercise - You Need Only Shoes December 2016
Is High Fruit Raw Vegan Diet the Key to Vitality and Health? December 2016
10K Walk / Run - Nature, Teens, Grand Battement, Vlogging, Personal Marketing, Lake December 2016
8K Run / Walk - Internet, Jumps, Empathy, Being in the Moment Limits December 2016
My Sleep and What I Do with Fruit December 2016
10K Run - Eating Seeds or Fruit Only December 2016
Growers Ranch, Orange County December 2016
Grocery Outlet December 2016
Growers Direct, Orange County - Fruit Haul December 2016
13K Walk / Run To the Ocean and Back December 2016
12K Run / Walk Concrete River December 2016
Vlog 16: My Fruitarian Meals, Sorry for my Errors December 2016
Vlog 14: Sand and Water - Wind, Noisy! (5K Walk) December 2016
Trader Joe's, Orange County December 2016
Vlog 11: Night and Morning in Missourri November 2016
Vlog 12: Driving in Kansas City November 2016
Vlog 13: A Weekday Eve December 2016
In a Shopping Mall - Wool? Leather? Down? November 2016
Vlog 1: Not a River (5K Walk) November 2016
13K Walk / Run - Construction November 2016
Vlog 3: Walls (12K Walk) November 2016
Vlog 4: Hi! (Who am I?) November 2016
10K To the Ocean November 2016
Vlog 6: Airport, Jets, and Helicopters November 2016
7K Walk / Run - A Neighborhood in Orange County November 2016
Vlog 10: My Flight to Kansas City on Thanksgiving November 2016
Smart & Final and Stater Bros November 2016

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