Ln19a24aof Arrival Of The Fourth Lena Nechet

This painting depicts four young women: three of them are reacting to the appearance of the last one on the left. Their reactions range from calm disinterest and competitive curiosity to emotional devastation.

The figure of the arriving girl is larger: she is descending from the forefront to accent her perceived significance but also the power of erotic novelty, for the mail who is not shown.

See, all these figures are the same girl, in different roles.

This work was started with a nude female model in a 3-hour session, as a part of series about hierarchy among female humans. The model was a very stylish brunette.

Lena Nechet - Arrival of the Fourth, 2019, acrylic on paper, 24 x 18 in
Gathered Girls
Reference Code: LN19A24AOF
Title: Arrival of the Fourth, Female Hierarchy
Finish: April 2019
Dimensions: 24 x 18 in
Materials: acrylic on paper
Collection: Eromind
Series: Gathered Girls
Set: diptych
Digitized: June 2019