Arrival Of The Fourth Lena Nechet

This painting was started with a nude female model session (3 hours), as a part of series about hierarchy among females.

It depicts four young women, and the three of them are reacting to the appearance of the last one, in an intimate situation, possibly in a polygamous marriage, for which they do not look remotely suited, according to cultural expectations. The girls signal sexual independence, content, and devastation.

The figure of the arriving girl is made larger to put her in the forefront of the spacial arrangement, and to accent her perceived significance not only in the eyes of the male - who is not shown - but as the other female participants realize the power of erotic novelty.

Arrival of the Fourth, 2019, by Lena Nechet
Code: LN19A4FHAF
Titles: Arrival of the Fourth, The 4th Wife
Polyptych: Female Hierarchy
Collection: Eromind
Materials: Cryons and acrylic on archival paper
Size: 24 x 18 inches
Finished: April 2019
Digitized: June 2019