Paradise Dilemma Lena Nechet

My art studio is close to a lake which is now a wild bird reserve, and the land in between is purchased by the National Audubon Society, which protects birds and their habitats. So there were many amazing birds in the orchard, especially in the morning, when the sky is sometimes slightly reddish.

The challenge for this painting was to use only two pigments closed on the color wheel: cool read and orange, on a new to me surface obtained at a local college. 

The painting depicts me, unwilling to share with the birds the piece of fruit I hold in my hand - a red apple.

In reality, the birds did not leave almost any fruits on an elegant fig tree, and I was torn between feeling deprived of the sweet (green) figs and wish to support these wild creatures.

Paradise Dilemma, 2019, acrylic on polyester, 36 x 22
self-portrait, birds, orchard
Code: LN19A5PDRA
Collection: Portrait
Materials: acrylic on polyester
Size: 36 x 22 inches
Finished: March 2019
Digitized: May 2019