Ln19c24vtl Virginia Triangle Lena Nechet

This double drawing was started in a multi-hour portrait session with a life model, Virginia. This is the first part of the diptych. On the second panel she bursts out laughing.

Virginia had an interesting necklace, its medallion looked like almost perfect triangle with the side light.

ln19c24vtl virginia triangle lena nechetln19c24vlr virginia laughing lena nechet

Lena Nechet - Virginia Triangle, 2019, charcoal on cotton paper, 24 x 18 in, diptych panel
Reference Code: LN19C24VTL
Title: Virginia Triangle
Finish: 2019
Dimensions: 24 x 18 in
Materials: charcoal on cotton paper
Collection: Portrait
Series: Black Naked
Set: diptych
Digitized: 2020, January

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