We used to "play" several simple games in European dancing clubs. We can play a modification of one of those at a party or game night.

Dance Game Rules

  1. The group arranges in a circle, facing the center, with dancing songs playing in the background.
  2. The first central dancer moves to the center and faces every person in the circle individually with eye contact and inviting dance moves.
  3. The invited person moves to the center and "answers" the dance, either dancing in unison or complementing the moves.
    The moves of both dancers can be simple, funny, exaggerated - anything you want, it is about freedom of expression.
  4. Everybody else dances with matching moves or freestyle and cheers each new dancer.
    The best moments can arise from synchronicity, especially expressive moves, and from the discovering individuality of the dancers.
  5. After about 8-16 parts of the rhythm (about 20 seconds of a logical part of the song) when quick harmony is achieved, the first dancer thanks the partner with gestures and turns to the next with a new move.
  6. The last invited dancer stays in the circle after the duo and becomes the central dancer.

If my description is not descriptive enough, I'll demonstrate it in person.

The best music accompaniment comes from good DJs. But in the US, it is quite difficult to find dancing locations in most places. The main reason for so little and only movable furniture at our place is to make a decent dance floor.

I used to maintain a collection of the best parts of my favorite dancing compositions. When they were intermixed, it was clear when to move to the next person. I started recreating mine but it will take me some time to get enough pieces. Potpourri music in one file with gradual transitions worked well too, but it is hard to find a very good one for the more modern songs. I do have a good big set of dancing songs, the small problem with them is transitions, during which the moves are not easy to choose, they force one to be weirdly creative.

I hope you will dance with me. Dancing always helped me to live.

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