Oh, give us just one rain!
For living to remain.

The crusty clay of bare earth
constricts the growth
of trees envisioned.

We cover it as a provision
of soil richness
with leaves, and shout
into the speechless
sky abyss,
distilled and hoarse from drought:

humidity you gained!

Spontaneous forming of religion
by recognizing the precision
of congregating circumstances
that crush and swallow our advances:

Wind, bring us water!

This star has sorted
our fear
into unsequenced probabilities.

So, blow it here.

For the proceeding slaughter
they drained our river,
for legs and liver.

Sun, slow your dance!
You, clouds, please near
with moisture and willingness
to condense.

A poem by Lena Nechet.Water, Rain, River, Plant, Tree, Survival, Religion, Prayer, Drought, Gardening


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