Poetic and spontaneous writing and art, rhyme, poetry, lyrics.

Poetry is a form of literature that uses aesthetic and rhythmic qualities of language. This form of art is thousands years old, and originated in Africa.

Poetic mode of presentation:

  • aesthetic and subjective interpretation of a subject, poetic associations, metaphor, avant-garde, inventive;
  • montage theory, photogenie, the art of organizing the necessary movements of objects in space as a rhythmical artistic whole, in harmony with the properties of the material and internal rhythm of each object (Dziga Vertov);
  • juxtaposes scenes with no causation, associations and patterns that involve temporal rhythms and spatial juxtapositions (Bill Nichols).
Artwork Collection: Zenga

Zenga 禅画 - art of zen painting with calligraphy of poems and sayings.

This collection is dedicated to poetic perception and spontaneity:

  • spontaneously created compositions with expressive brushwork or line quality;
  • unprompted works, alla-prima ("at first attempt"), reactions to intense internal impulses;
  • visualizations based on inclinations, unconstrained by tradition;
  • influenced by Zen-Buddhist (禅) or other Eastern styles
    (e.g. Japanese Sumi-e 水墨画, Chinese guóhuà, s.国画;  國畫)
  • minimalist, non-conceptual, highly experimental works.
  • artworks with poetry - haiku or short verses;
  • meditative drawing.
Title Created Date
Mike Oldfield - Foreign Affair May 2024
Unresolved Sadness March 2024
War Pain February 2024
City for Angels February 2023
Reverse Appreciation February 2023
Elizaveta Gyrdymova Monetochka - Burn November 2022
Teen Field September 2022
One Rain September 2022
Terror Territories September 2022
War Spin September 2022
To a Seedling September 2022
Dust Rug Mom August 2022
Sail Mast May 2015
Locked by Light August 2016
Fire Element April 2015
Air Element April 2015
Soil Element April 2015
Water Element April 2015
Uplifting Depth October 2016
Crater Lake April 2016
Cloud City January 2015
Samurai Rise February 2015
Wire Stem July 2015
Embroidery Tree July 2017
Shell Shimmer February 2017
Swirl Formation January 2017
Red Curtain July 2016
Lesya Ukrainka - Songs June 2021
Taras Shevchenko - Tragedy June 2021
Vladimir Mayakovsky - Horse November 2020
Wisla - Polish Folk Song March 2020
Crown Thorn September 2016
La Jolla Canyon January 2016
Enclosed Ecosystem July 2016
Texture of a Day September 2013
Dry Blues January 2018
Open in Vain October 2019
Jungle Call January 2016
Down by the Water May 2015
Touch Extremity January 2015
Brett Gurewitz - Suffer December 2014
Aleksandr Bashlachev - Bells March 2014
Ukrainian Folk Song - Oh There on the Mountain March 2014
Eugene Walter - Fade December 2011
Aleksandr Bashlachev - Clear December 2010
Patti Smith - Ghost December 2007
Nina Simone - Black December 2006
All Tags December 1999
Songs January 2016
Caffeine December 1979


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