My Place and Time

Visiting my studio, time for meetings, private events I organize or host.


The best recurrence for the lessons, according to my experience, is 2-3 times a week:

  • enough time for your brain to process and connect new data,
  • 2-3 nights of sleep to commit the material to the long-term memory;
  • such continuity prevents forgetting and fragmentation of knowledge.


A double academic hour meetings will allow for deeper language immersion, and can save you time.

An "academic hour" is defined as 50 minutes. A double-hour lesson will last 1 hour and 45 minutes, including a 5-minute rest break, which is a perfect duration for maintaining deep concentration.

Frequency and duration.


To make sure you receive my full attention, I try to have only 2-3 students at the same time period. We usually meet during the day, from around 9 AM to 9 PM.


If you need to reschedule a lesson, please do it 48 hours prior, minimum - 40 hours.

Scheduling and cancellation.

This type of service is driven and defined by you.  If you need some specific knowledge or help, I will analyze your situation and set of data with you in a direct dialogue. We can arrange individual consultations regarding art, style, design, media productions, languages, or any combination of these and other topics.

You can book me for two hours to discuss anything relevant to my area of expertise. We can meet in person or communicate remotely via videophone app, webcast, phone conversation, or text. A faster option would be to request a written answer to your question.

Talk to you soon!


Currently, I live in Oceanside, San Diego County, California (SoCal), zip code 92058 area, near highway 76 East from Interstate 5, over 3 miles inland. CA-76 & Foussat Rd - map on Google:

You are welcome to visit my studio for our lessons indoors or in the garden.

If you like to meet at your location, I am able to offer meetings in person in several towns of coastal San Diego and Orange Counties: Oceanside, Carlsbad, Encinitas, Leucadia, Vista, San Marcos, Camp Pendleton, Temecula, San Clemente, Dana Point - and any area around.

In-person German lessons in Orange County, California.
San Diego, CA, Oceanside, CA, Carlsbad, CA, Encinitas, CA, Leucadia, CA, Vista, CA, Camp Pendleton, CA, Temecula, CA, San Clemente, CA, Dana Point, CA

Meeting Times

We can schedule 2-hour, 4-hour, or 6-hour meetings on any day of the week,  between 9 am and 9 pm.


For some types of activities daylight matters, so let's consider the light quality, e.g. bright light for fine art, or pre-sunset "golden hour" for photography, the daytime and the season.


Let us plan ahead: please message me with your wishes and availability.

For individualized workshops, I would normally need additional time to acquire specific art materials.

Time to meet for art sessions with Lena Nechet.
art session, time for art, schedule art lesson

About my location:

In 2018 I moved to Oceanside, California, and now live and work on a hill between a lake to the East, a river to the South with a trail to the Pacific Ocean over 3 miles to the West, and the wildness  on the Marine Corps territory to the North:

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