Men are overwhelmingly involved in wars, intergroup aggression, and intragroup homicide. Predisposition to violence is linked to masculinity. All over the world, men commit homicide on average twenty-six times more frequently than women and are the victims of homicides in seventy percent of cases. In mid-nineties, about eighty-seven percent of serious crimes in Russian Federation were committed by men. In mid-two-thousands, eighty-five percent in the United States. Such statistical reports are valid for most countries.

Cruelty and animal abuse is another dimension of violence. The male-to-female ration here ranges from thirty-eight to one in beatings, twenty to one in torture, and seventeen to one in burning.

According to a theory by Leonard Berkowitz, men are traditionally educated to perceive fighting as more suitable for themselves. However, parents and the media react to in-part genetically predetermined children's preferences in behavior and play. Experiences of cultures without media,  literature, and cinema suggest that the behavioral patterns of boys innately greatly differ from that of girls.


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