In 2015, I started a full-time Spring semester: Film Lighting, Small Business Accounting, Payroll, and Taxation. I was still working part time in La Jolla.

In January, I got 97%+ on IRS advanced tax preparer exam. Till April, I volunteered to file taxes for low-income people every Saturday, driving far inland to small towns of San Diego county.

In May, I finished a film lighting college course in downtown campus with an awesome professor of art directing who worked in the industry his whole life. One guy from our group became a rock-star in LA, another transferred to Berkley, one Girl went to a film school in New York, another moved to Arizona, and one became homeless, as I learned later.

Then, I quit the exhausting international customer service job.

By the end of May, I moved from the North Park in San Diego to Huntington Beach, Orange county, California, Adams street area. The beaches were gigantic, and the traffic was awful. People warned me about conservative Orange County, but at first, it seemed cool and promising.

In nearby Costa Mesa, I studied history of cinema for Summer semester in the well equipped local college. The professor was a cinematographer who worked with big action movie makers.

I started making art on the floor of my living room, with teens skating right in front of my open door. I made a couple illustrations, and had long-term corporate German students, and a few travelers and college kids.

During that Summer, I produced and finished editing tree short documentary films, two of which got minor prizes on film festivals. I was also gathering footage for a feature film.

In September, I started more filmmaking and studio-drawing courses, but I was not getting what I wanted, it did not justify my time investment. Life started to feel shorter.

Title Created Date
Outreach January 2016
Sailing Afternoon December 2015
Twilight Meditation November 2015
Separation Twilight November 2015
Triangulation Wave September 2015
Beach Birds September 2015
Night Comes July 2015
Wire Stem July 2015
Pink Flower June 2015
Alex on Coronado May 2015
Sail Mast May 2015
Down by the Water May 2015
5 Haiku May 2015
Fire Element April 2015
Air Element April 2015
Soil Element April 2015
Water Element April 2015
Samurai Rise February 2015
Touch Extremity January 2015
Cloud City January 2015
All Tags December 1999


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