Black Carbon

Charcoal is the lightweight carbon  and ash residue hydrocarbon. It is a non toxic permanent pigment. It appears black because it reflects very little light in the visible part of the spectrum, It is one of the most stable and refractory of all materials. This black pigment was used extensively as paint pigment since prehistoric times and by Rembrandt, Vermeer, Van Dyck, Cézanne, Picasso, and Manet.

Carbon blacks are made by heating wood or other plant materials with a very restricted air supply. I have a simple method to make it from sticks I gather in the orchard. The manufactured charcoal I use the most is willow sticks, with no binders, but sometimes I prefer compressed charcoal as well.


  1. Code: PBk7
  2. Chemical names : inorganic amorphous carbon
  3. Formula: C
  4. Permanence: very lightfast, I (ASMT)
  5. Opacity: very opaque


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